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Discount Kodak i 40 - sheetfed scanner ( 888-2649 )

Kodak i 40 - sheetfed scanner ( 888-2649 )

Product Description
This document scanner with advanced image processing features delivers exceptional image quality, productivity, and ease of use for customers in small offices or small-group applications within large organizations. For color and black-and-white documents alike, the KODAK i40 Scanner captures both sides of documents simultaneously at speeds up to 50 images per minute (IPM). This small scanner fits easily in any desktop setting, and features a 50-page-capacity automatic document feeder that smoothly handles a wide variety of documents. Even inexperienced or infrequent users will find the i40 scanner easy to use, as features like multi-feed detection, autocrop and deskew, and color dropout for forms processing are standard and automatic. This scanner offers an unprecedented level of price/performance for end users.PRODUCT FEATURES:Scanning technology: Dual CCD.

  • Scans up to 25ppm
  • 600dpi
  • Twain and Isis drivers incl.

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No Windows 7 64 bit drivers
I had purchased several of these scanners for use in an office. Although I had been happy with my old Fujitsu scanners, I liked the i40 feature set and welcomed the opportunity to buy from an American company. I was quite happy with the i40 scanners until I upgraded my office to Windows 7 64 bit and discovered that there were no 64 bit drivers for the i40 scanner rendering them useless in my environment. Of particular concern was the fact that when I contacted Kodak they said they had not yet committed to write the 64 bit drivers in the future. Given the large installed base of these machines, which are currently marketed and sold, it seems unreasonable that Kodak would leave their customers with having to discard their scanners if they wanted to go 64 bit. This seems in marked contrast to Fujitsu which already has drivers out for even legacy machines which are no longer sold. In essence a great product made unacceptable by poor driver support.

Great For a Small Office
This installed easily in Windows XP and runs great. It is apparently identical to my earlier Xerox DocuMate 252 with more robust plastic trays (the Xerox tray lost a hinge and could not be replaced). Although there are packaged software for scanning, I prefer to use Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Kodak Scanner
Product is great, seller is great, shipped within few days, all in all, I am satified. Tx

Kodak i40 Scanner
The Kodak i40 is a great scanner. It is fast and easy to use. I am very happy with my purchase. I recommend it highly.

great product. Kodak please improve software.
Scanner and software are great, very streamlined for home document scanning - bills, statements, invoices, etc.

too bad software does not work on Windows Server 2003, because it relies on TWAIN support. They could have made it compatible with ISIS.

The scanner beats hands down the Fujitsu's ScanSnap 5110-EOX2 (which I also have). Software is much better - for example renaming resulting PDF files to meaninful names is a royal pain with Fujitsu/Adobe bundle, but with Kodak Capture it's a piece of cake. Just take care to learn the software - it's not immediately intuitive.

1. capture a bunch of documents (statements, etc.) into a batch

2. press "E" to start naming documents. While doing that you can brows the first or 2nd page of each document to get idea of what statement and what date it applies to.

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